A one inch square box

Followed a lead into my blog this morning that led back to Trumpet Army Opposite another of many blogs steeped in the minutiae of indie/underground/alternative – doesn’t matter what you call it.

Why is it that I found this blog, as I find so many of the same type, relentlessly confining rather than expanding? Part of it has to do with the cliquishness of the writing and the self-contained nature. It takes me right back to my college days when I was surrounded by so-called music lovers of exactly the same bent, the type who know every detail of band xyz that had made, maybe, only one single that had sold 10 copies, but is clearly the greatest thing to ever come along. I began to realise that many music fans want to stay in a one inch square box, knowing every detail within, but treating the vast universe outside with scorn, ridicule and distrust.

Not a wholly unreasonable attitude, given the vast amounts of trash out there, but ultimately far too restrictive to allow growth. Even today, after 48 years, I feel I have barely scratched the surface of what’s out there.


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